Keep Using Your Existing DSP, With OneTag

Do you want to increase campaign performance without switching away from your current DSP?

With OneTag’s innovative technology you can enhance campaign performance with just a few clicks by enabling OneTag from your DSP. 

Why Enable OneTag In Your DSP

Brands That Trust OneTag

DSP Integration FAQ

Yes! OneTag is extremely “plug n play” and provides a 100% risk-free offering enabling you to reach higher viewability and CTR with virtually no effort.

Enabling OneTag on all of your current and live line items within your DSP only takes 30 minutes of time. 

If you enable OneTag in your existing DSP there is no need to allocate more budget. All you need to do is enable OneTag from your DSP, and enjoy the results as your DSP starts buying automatically.

Your DSP will start buying based on performance. Typically we see a rang of 5% to 10% of your campaign budget will go towards OneTag.

Yes! It’s simple to add OneTag on line line items that are already running.

Yes! Our solution is designed for outcome-based marketing.

Improving Your Campaign Performance
With Only A Few Clicks