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Maximize your revenue with Programatic 3.0

Unlocking the true value of your audience doesn’t (with the right partner) have to be complicated. 

With OneTag’s single line of ads.txt, publishers can gain access to premium direct demand. If that wasn’t enough, we make integration super easy thanks to Prebid and Open Bidding.

Some partners we are proud to work with

Why partner with OneTag?

Fast & Simple Integration
Start increasing your revenue today by adding OneTag into your Prebid or Open Bidding stack.
Direct & Premium Demand
OneTag provides priority access to premium demand direct from tier one brands and agencies.
Strong Incremental Revenue
OneTag is a strong middle-of-the-stack performer for our publishers.
Our incrementality is proven by consistent winrates as our technology targets high performing placements.

Ready to monetize in a cookiesless ad ecosystem?

You deserve a demand partner that's prepared for programmatic 3.0

OneTag maximizes your value to advertisers delivering you increased revenue in a post-cookie ad ecosystem. 

The Right Demand

Our technology enables publishers to connect with the right advertisers for their content though semantic data.

Future-Proof Compliance

Enabling OneTag allows publishers grow revenue while staying ahead of evolving data regulations.

Maximize Performance

With minimum setup.​

With our helpful & dedicated publisher Integrations Team, OneTag is here to ensure you are up and running fast. 

With so many easy ways to tap into OneTag’s technology you’ll be maximizing the value of your inventory in no time. 

OneTag is reengineering the programmatic ecosystem through innovative tech that benefits everyone.

John Doe

Integrate with OneTag quickly via Prebid.js or Prebid Server.

Enable OneTag with a simple click using Google Open Bidding from your GAM or AdMob account.

(Coming Soon) Amazon TAM and will be available for publishers in Q1 22.

We Actually Use Data

OneTag is more than just a demand pipe. We’re a demand partner layered with data intelligence.

Unique Data Points

OneTag’s technology leverages unique data points that make your inventory more valuable to premium buyers.
Incremental Revenue Uplift
Our predictive technology provides higher Winrates and CPMs by targeting your high performing placements.

Publisher FAQ

General Questions

Great question! What sets OneTag apart from other demand partners is our ability to uncover highly viewable placements that match DSP bidding patterns and ROI for advertisers. 

OneTag is more than just a demand pipe. We’re a demand partner layered with data intelligence.

OneTag doesn’t simply target the highly viewable placements: we uncover portions of your traffic that are viewable for certain devices, screen sizes, and other dynamic features our AI is able to process in real-time. 

This is why we’re able to provide you with better CPMs compared to other demand platforms. 


You should expect solid incremental revenue. 

Our high win rates allow us to be a strong middle-of-the-stack performer for all of our publisher partners. 

OneTag is very good at troubleshooting and finding solutions to increase monetization. 
We provide tailored solutions to fill gaps in your demand stack and we like to go the extra mile to customize our technology for our valued publisher partners. 

Integration Questions

Google Open Bidding 
Prebid Client 
Prebid Server (S2S) 
OpenRTB 2.5 

We do! Here’s the full list of wrappers we support: 

  • Pubmatic 
  • Magnite 
  • Xandr 
  • Springserve 
  • Aniview 
  • Vidazoo 
Our vetting process is very straighforward:
  • all sites and apps must have your dedicated ads.txt entry
  • we automatically enable all sites and apps we receive from Google Open Bidding
  • for all other integrations, you can easily upload your sites and apps into the OneTag dashboard: our team will review all new sites and apps within 48 working hours.

Monetization Questions

We do! You can enable OneTag on your AMP traffic through Xandr. 

We monetize standard display and video. 
We’re stronger on desktop and mobile web rather than apps. 

OneTag monetizes worldwide traffic. 

Our strongest GEOs include: 

  • US and Canada 
  • EMEA (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands) 
  • LATAM (Brazil, Mexico)  

We’re glad you asked 😀 

Our PreVue format uncovers new premium video inventory from your social embeds on your site. 
We also provide 100% in-view formats that support both display and video demand. 

You can easily configure advertiser and industry blocklists from your OneTag dashboard to exclude specific brands or industries from appearing on your ad placements.

Reporting Questions

We provide Net bids. 

Designed for flexibility.

Built for scale.

Work with a demand partner that is built for scale. OneTag delivers premium performance for large publishers.


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