OneTag Launches An Effective Cookieless AdTech Solution

New York, New York —OneTag, the innovative end-to-end programmatic AdTech company, today announced the US launch of its cookieless advertising solution. 

As major platforms and legislation have begun to shift the control of user data into the hands of individuals, the industry has been in pursuit of alternatives to the primary targeting method that digital advertisers have used for the past 2 decades. Seeing an opportunity to create value for the entire ecosystem of both advertisers and publishers, OneTag has launched one of the first viable advertising solutions through semantic targeting

I believe everyone recognizes that we need to evolve as an industry. People care about how their data is collected, sold, and utilized. At the same time, so many brands and by proxy,  people’s jobs are reliant on advertisers efficiently reaching the right consumers through digital channels. As a technology company focused on solving the most challenging digital advertising problems, we saw an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and develop an impactful solution that benefits both advertiser and publishers.”, said Daniel Pirchio, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of OneTag.

Digital campaigns need to perform profitably for advertisers to continue spending. The loss of 3rd party cookie data to aid programmatic targeting has shaken the industry and called into question the viability of programmatic ads in a cookieless environment. OneTag has created a paradigm shift by moving away from this form of targeting by focusing on the content these users are consuming. Semantic Targeting enables advertisers to understand users through the content they consume without needing to be reliant on cookies. This enables advertisers to continue reaching the right audiences while avoiding the same data privacy concerns that plague traditional targeting methods. OneTag takes Semantic Targeting a step further by providing real relevance based on knowledge graph technology rather than keywords. 

Publishers also benefit from this technology because it increases the value of their traffic to advertisers. Sites that are focused on creating valuable content will see improvements in monetization and improve the likelihood of remaining compliant with the increasing data regulations that we are likely to see in the near future.

While Semantic Knowledge Graph (SKG) technology solves a major industry challenge, it doesn’t solve all of the problems advertisers face in this cookieless saga.

OneTag is close to launching additional proprietary technologies that combined with SKG technology will serve as a complete cookieless solution for the programmatic ecosystem. 

About OneTag

Founded in 2015, OneTag’s journey began as a DSP partner to Denstu, Publicis, Omnicom, GroupM and Havas in Italy. Today, OneTag has grown into an innovative end-to-end programmatic solution connecting the world’s leading publishers with the brands and agencies that seek to advertise on them.

OneTag’s platform empowers the entire programmatic ecosystem by delivering value through next-generation DSP and SSP technology.


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