From a young age Stuart has always been fascinated by photography. At first it was about having fun with a camera. Later his fascination turned into a mission to document the moment. Although many photographs may seem similar they are all special and unique. Each image is the preservation of a single moment in time. The light, placement of clouds, even the particles in the air are all in a unique place and time. This arrangement of objects is and never again will be exactly as they are in the moment when the image is taken. For Stuart, photography is more than just a remembering the place that you went that one time. It is the preservation of a moment in time that can never be returned to. Because of this, he started a project called, A Vision of Earth. This ongoing project is a collection of Stuart’s images that will be compiled over the course of his life and depict the moments that he wishes to share with the world. As you explore Stuart’s photography you will travel across the globe to see some of the most beautiful natural landscapes our planet has to offer.

Adventure Photography

Landscape Photography